About Us

We are a community of forum, website, and blog admins trying to accomplish one set goal—promoting sites. PromoForum allows members to advertise on our forum in various different ways. Users can compete against each other in battles to earn advertisement spots. They can compete with bids using our forum currency—PC (PromoCash)—for board redirects, free services ... and more. The all around goal of our staff is to help the members bring activity to their sites and lead them in the direction of becoming an awesome Web Administrator for their projects.

Coming Soon

We'll be bringing you guys a new theme with a ton of custom features in the very near future. In addition to that, all previous themes will be removed and we'll be duplicating the new PF V1.5 and customizing it to a dark theme so that users can choose between a dark and light theme.

Eventually, after the release of V1.5 we'll be incorporating a promo video for Promo Forum as well as various video guides to navigating the forum, making requests, etc. In addition to the videos, you'll be able to read each area's guide as you can already do.

Currently, we're working on this "Home" page so it'll be going through many changes over the next several days, maybe even the next week. Please bear with is while we are working vigorously and tirelessly to bring you an awesome new forum.